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Yoga Workout for Afternoon Fun!

Yoga Workout for Afternoon Fun!

by Reed on August 26, 2012

Welcome to Our Yoga Training Part Two!

yoga workoutFirst of all, I want to thank everyone for their positive comments and feedback on the yoga training and the rituals series. I am so glad you are enjoying Yoga Guardian.

As you know, I have been sharing the rituals that I do daily to keep me energized, focused, and engaged in my vision life. Today I am excited to share my afternoon yoga workout ritual. I have also posted some additional videos in the forum that show some of the yoga exercises I do in the afternoon to relax and recharge. It’s all explained in the video in the forum.

If you’re just joining Yoga Guardian this week (or you haven’t gotten around to clicking on the video link in my last newsletter) and you’re wondering where you can find part one (morning ritual) of the ritual series,  everything is out at the Yoga Guardian Forum. It is easy to register by going to the website and clicking on the community forum tab at the top of the page. You can watch the short video on signing up and using the forum.  The ritual  videos are under the Rituals heading.  Click and enjoy!

If you aren’t a member of Yoga Guardian yet now would be a great time to start! Just click on the  sign in with Facebook button on the right hand side of this page and you’ll be registered for the videos and to receive the Yoga Guardian Guide newsletter to support the training. It’s all free.

If you’ve been watching my videos for awhile you may have already figured out that I am a person who likes action (one of my natural talents is actually activator!).  But, if your energy mirrors mine at all, come afternoon it starts to deplete.  I shared on the video what I do in the afternoon to get through this lull and still take action. And, I am not talking about guzzling super caffeine sugary energy drinks.  I tried that once and my body was shaking out of control and I felt myself about to faint.  Thus, no fake drinks for me.  I am sharing natural ways to recharge.

There are three things I do in the afternoon: Recharge my body, refocus my mind, and recharge my enthusiasm level. I am going to share with you a yoga breathing technique called “breath of fire” that will help you feel refreshed even towards the end of your day.

I am also going to be showing you my walking meditation technique I use to feel grounded and on track; especially useful on those days where I have several things happening at one time.

I try to make my afternoon rituals fun, and something I look forward to. In week 3 of the 7 Secrets training,  I showed you some yoga exercises to supercharge your energy levels. The afternoon rituals are a continuation of that training. If you don’t keep your energy levels up throughout the day, it is going to be that much harder for you to transition to the vision you’ve created for your life. Sometimes getting your energy level up means just relaxing and I show you how to do that too!

Ok, that’s it for now, start watching, then do! Until next week,



P.S. Keep those comments coming! I really appreciate your emails of support and all the positive comments. Thank you so much!  Don’t forget to tell your friends and feel free to write me anytime at


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