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Your Questions About Yoga

Your Questions About Yoga

by Reed on January 8, 2013

Michael asks…

How much yoga does it take to become a yoga pro?

I’ve been doing yoga for a while, and I definitly can feel a deference in how I am able to move now. The guys on my yoga tapes are bendy to the extreme though. Any yoga gurus out there, please let me know how many months, years, etc. it takes to have a great range of motion, and a ton of flexibility.

Wendy answers:

It’s a case by case basis. Being a ‘yoga pro’ isn’t about bendibility. The fact is we are born with a set range of motion. The muscles hold about 20% of the flexibility. The ligaments only 4%. So, once you’ve worked out all the flexibility that is being held in the muscules, you only have 4% left to go and if you go over that level, then you can hurt yourself and damage the ligaments (in other words, don’t do it – don’t push yourself past pain ).
The other thing about yoga is the spiritual aspect which comes with letting go of expectation, judgement and competition. This is more important than the flexibility and physical balance that we observe. So, once we’ve mastered those inner voices – once we’ve let go of those things like the ego which hold us back then, we may quite happily say that we’ve become ‘yoga pros’… But at that point, when you’ve conquered these ego based attachments, you might not want to be a yoga pro anymore – and be just really happy with where you’ve come in your life.

All of this comes with time and patience. There is a good reason it is called a “yoga practice”; finding balance with your body, mind, emotions, and spiritual health (like “yoga pros”) takes practice.  Keep practicing with a smile.  Happy to answer any other questions.

George asks…

I want to start taking yoga. Is it really good for you? How often do you go and how much does it cost?

Also, is yoga something that you need to be in shape already to start? In other words, do they work you into it, or it will it kick your butt if you’re a little out of shape?
What exactly does it do for you?

Wendy answers:

I could muse forever on the benefits of yoga.  Yoga is truly a philosophy of life and I tell my yoga students that the physical change you will see and feel in your body is just an added side-effect. :)
With that said, there are many styles of yoga here in the west.
I was trained in traditional Hatha yoga in India and Vinyasa yoga and Yin yoga in the states. I prefer to teach with a fusion of styles in mind.

Flex your creative side and try out a few different classes to see what feels right for you.  Often times, the best class to help you reap the amazing benefits of yoga is the opposite of what you wanted to try.  Explore and have fun!

Costs vary by country and region. Where I am, you can take a class for $12.

Betty asks…

What is the difference between yoga and pilates?

What does yoga have that pilates doesn’t?
What does pilates have that yoga doesn’t?
And in what ways are they similar?

Wendy answers:Yoga – It came way earlier

Yoga has been around for over 5000 years. It is something much more than just a way of exercising. In fact, it is a lifestyle change that many people need to take seriously. This type of program is centered on the spiritual healing of the body as well as the physical aspects. It uses a wide combination of breathing and movements to get the body back into its targeted range. Yoga is something that encompasses the entire lifestyle in ethical, spiritual and physical form.

It is important to note that yoga is centered on meditation and that the poses that are done are done to allow for better concentration and better meditation abilities.

Pilates – It’s a whole different (yet physically beautiful) animal

It is a great technique to build core stability and muscular awareness which are both key in practicing a safe yoga practice.  Both yoga and pilates help improve health and well being through breathing techniques; yet they are performed differently in the two disciplines. Yet, controlled, regulated breathing is very important to the success of yoga or pilates.

So which is better, both are wonderful and now it is your time to choose.  Maybe a little of both?

The best way to know which the better choice is for you is to actually give them a try.


Mark asks…

What do to with a yoga ball?

i have a yoga ball and people say they are good with targeting the lower abs.what do you do with a yoga ball?

Wendy answers:

I love to lie on my back on the yoga ball and stretch my arms way overhead.  It is a great overall stretch.  You can sit on the ball and lean back in different planes/directions to work your entire core (yep, low abs are part of that core). Enjoy!

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